Jeff was raised climbing the 14ers of Colorado and exploring Canyonlands with his dad and siblings. After three years of rock climbing he decided to pick up a camera in 2015 and be another photo boy running around the crag. At the age of 18 he booked his first professional shoot. Another two years later ate the age of 20 he quit his job working the front desk at Momentum climbing gym to pursue photography full time and moved into his Honda Element months later so he could travel indefinitely.

His mom is an amazing artist on canvas so there is no surprise he chose a creative path as well. Jeff shoots with the edit in mind so the real art behind Jeffs photography comes after importing them to his computer. Without any formal education, countless hours were spent learning to edit in a free editing program called GIMP and later moving into Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Most of his editing knowledge comes from trying and failing as well as youtube and friends.

Jeff loves talking about photography and started teaching others how to create amazing photos when he was 21. See his blog for photography and editing tips and tutorials!


Organic climbing, SoILL, Friction Labs, Cotopaxi, Momentum climbing, The Front climbing, Gnarly Nutrition, Stoked climbing, Vantage Controls(Legrand),