How much detail can you get out of a Sony a7riii RAW file?

Madeline Strother, stand up comedian, Joes Valley, Editing, raw


Everybody who sees some of my raw files are amazed when they see what was pulled out of the shadows and highlights. The Sony a7riii is insane!

Click through the slideshow of the RAW photo and the edit.

The shot

We drove up the canyon as the sun set for a mini session on Black Sea v8. Since it was getting dark, I figured I would see how much detail I could get out of an extremely underexposed photo! The thought process for the settings was: Fast shutter speed to freeze subject; low-ish ISO where my histogram was clipping my whites a possibly recoverable amount; and a wide aperture to let in more light.


Settings: 1/320 ISO 640 f/2.8 24mm


Obviously, it would look insanely better taken with two exposures; one for the landscape and one for the sky. Iā€™m amazed by how much I could pull my shadows up. I was more amazed by the amount I was able to pull my highlights back! Typically shadows will still hold a fair amount of detail while highlights are barely recoverable once white. Sony continues to blows my mind.